Best Free Ticket in November

Susan Solomon. Photo credit: Marc Piscotty/WpN

Susan Solomon. Photo credit: Marc Piscotty/WpN

On November 18, CHF will be offering the best free ticket in Philadelphia. This year’s annual Ullyot Public Affairs Lecture will feature Susan Solomon, research scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Her talk will be “A Tale for Our Times: Something for Everyone about Climate Change and the Reasons for Climate Gridlock.”

Solomon is widely recognized as a leader in the field of atmospheric science. As a research scientist at the NOAA, she pioneered the theory explaining why the ozone hole occurs in Antarctica and obtained some of the first chemical measurements establishing chlorofluorocarbons as its cause.

Her talk will explain the science of climate change and illustrate why international agreement on climate-change policy has proven particularly difficult.

Many factors influence discussions of climate-change policy, as global increases of greenhouse gases arise from numerous countries—both developed and developing, with different current emissions, infrastructure capabilities, and past commitments. In addressing this challenge, Solomon will draw comparisons between the success of policy on ozone depletion and the apparent gridlock on climate change.

The talk is free, but registration is required by November 9. 

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