Water on the Moon?

Moon Reflections, uploaded to Flickr by Robert Scott

Moon Reflections, uploaded to Flickr by Robert Scott

Until last year, the moon was thought to be completely dry. And just last week scientists reported that there is even more water on the moon than was believed to be there last year.

This discovery has several possible implications for the future of space travel—including the availability of water for drinking as well as for hydrogen fuel, if broken apart into hydrogen and oxygen, according to an article in last week’s New York Times. If the water was used for drinking, it would need to be purified first.

The most recent episode of Distillations is all about water and how to make sure it is drinkable—by purifying it, filtering it, desalinating it.

Join us as we visit a desalination plant in London on the Thames and learn about personal purifying and filtering devices.

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