EPA at 40

The Environmental Protection Agency, which officially opened its doors in December 1970, just turned 40. The current EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson, marked the anniversary with a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, in which she made a case for protecting the environment based on “common sense policies,” rather than on treating it as a partisan issue. Indeed, in the past 40 years the EPA has acted on major issues which affect us all, from the need for cleaner water and air to increased chemical regulation.

A look at the EPA website gives both history and a timeline of milestones. Also included is a list of priorities for the future, which range from environmental justice work to taking action on climate change, from cleaning up our communities to continued work on chemical safety. We at the Environmental History and Policy program at CHF will continue our work on the TSCA Oral History Project. As potential reform for the Toxic Substances Control Act stirs ongoing debate, we will also track these current strategies in the years to come. 

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