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Alchemist holding a flask of urine

The Medical Alchemist, 18th century. Franz Christoph Janneck. Gift of Fisher Scientific International. CHF Collections.

Last week I got an e-mail from David Kroll, a blogger at Central Science on the American Chemical Society Web site. David wrote about the American  launch of the International Year of Chemistry with the title "All-in-All I'd Rather be in Philadelphia."

In his post he linked to what David said is "a superb" post by his colleague Suzanne Franks.  I agree.

Last week, here in Philadelphia, UWISHUNU had a post about a visit to CHF. Our visitors really like the two-story periodic table in our museum.

Ellie K, a blogger in Arizona, links to our Chemistry and Fashion exhibit and mentions our Moore's Law conference and book. She also links to our post about David Geim, the 2010 Nobel laureate in physics who is actually a chemist and the first person to win both a Nobel Prize and an Ig Nobel prize!

The blog Neatorama republished an article on a very specific symbol in alchemy art from the Annals of Improbable Research. Follow the link to see which one. 

Also from the Central Science blog is a post about the International Year of Chemistry in Germany, opened by Angela Merkel, Germany's Chancellor. Sarah Everts opens her post noting: "Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron skipped the opening ceremonies for the International Year of Chemistry in Philly, Paris and London, but props go to Germany’s head of state, Angela Merkel—formerly a theoretical physicist/chemist herself—for showing up at the IYC shindig here in Berlin today."  

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