Be Chemistry Fools This April Fools’ Day


Image courtesy of Maiatine Leeium.

Science is all around us—in fact, it's even IN us! Like it or not, we're chock full of chemistry. Why shouldn't our names reflect this?

Sometimes they do. David Clark, an artist on display in CHF's current exhibition Elemental Matters, says he first became interested in the link between science and daily life when his dad pointed out that his name was in the periodic table: Cl (Chlorine) Ar (Argon) K (Potassium). 

Other scientists who couldn’t necessarily create their names from a string of elements have found another way to insert themselves into the periodic table: discover an element and have it named after you. Albert Einstein boasts Einsteinium, Niels Bohr claims Bohrium, and Pierre and Marie Curie are represented by Curium. There are nine other IUPAC-recognized others—complete chemiphiles, the lot of them!

Show your geek-chic side this April Fools’ Day by diagramming your name in elements like David Clark using this handy list of abbreviations for elements. Or if like me you are unable, elementally eponymize it! If you like it enough, post your newly-minted element-name in the comments below, tweet it with the hashtag #IAmElement, or make it your name on Facebook and show it off by commenting on CHF’s Fan Page.

-Maiatine Leeium (the elements previously known as Maia Lee)

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