Video Wednesday: Chemical Party

This video may be old news, but things do move a bit more slowly here at CHF - it only made the rounds around our office recently. Produced by Marie Curie Actions, a funding group within the EU Commission on Research and Innovation, the 2-minute short explains some of the basic relationships between the elements.

A purist may doubt the value of a bit of fluff like “Chemical Party,” but it can be a real eye-opener to someone who hasn’t given science much thought. The highly-reactive world of atoms and molecules may not come through in a written form, but this silly little film allows it to stick in your memory. In days gone by we had learning tools like the “Chem Study” films that showed potassium exposed to water going up like a Roman candle. Maybe today’s students need that fat guy with “K” emblazoned on his sweatshirt getting his face dunked in the Jello mold by “Mr. H2O” to retain the notion. Different times call for different solutions.

Andrew Mangravite is Archivist at CHF’s Othmer Library of Chemical History.

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