Blog Review: Chem Engineering Posts

Peter Spitz's Chem Engineering Posts makes the small world of chemical engineering blogs a little bigger.

CHF board member Peter Spitz has started a new blog, Chem Engineering Posts, drawing on his experience and extensive knowledge about the chemical engineering industry.

Spitz uses his years of experience to highlight the field’s potential to solve some of America’s biggest challenges, such as energy consumption. Describing this challenge, Spitz champions chemical engineering’s role in the research and development of technologies like synthetic fuels and more efficient cars. These solutions may be decades away, but for Spitz, that only makes chemical engineering all the more exciting for today’s students, who have the chance to work on breakthroughs early in their studies and careers.

Concerned with the decline of enrollment in the discipline, he directs his blog at those considering chemical engineering but unaware of its many opportunities. His posts, however, resonate with anyone interested in the industry. While he does use some industry-specific language, he also explains how molecules and chemical engineering might contribute to the big challenges. 

There are few blogs devoted to chemical engineering, so Spitz’s is a welcome and accessible addition. In his first post, Spitz shares his initial excitement about chemical engineering.  He remembers thinking about the wonders of a test tube in high school, when he realized that such a small object can create a large impact. Here at CHF, we hope his blog has a large impact as well.

Ryan Carty is an editorial intern at CHF.

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