Holiday Chemistry Gift Guide

The “Ferrous Wheel” t-shirt at

A popular sport at this time of year is the gift guide—suggestions of cool items for every possible taste. You can find guides for men, women, teens, babies, and other assorted humans, for techies, for design and arts fans, and even for tree huggers. I couldn’t find one for chemistry aficionados, however, so here is my own offering to fill this vital gap.

T-shirts are always popular, with logos like “Ferrous Wheel“  and “Le Chatelier: Relieving Stress Since 1884.” There are any number that borrow from the periodic table motif, such as “N-Er-D” and “Ge-Ni-U-S.”  And—predictably—there is even one listing elements with a not-so-clever, or classy, hidden message.

For the next step up in fashion you could go with chemistry jewelry, IUPAC shoes, or molecular neckties. Or if your concern is getting properly bathed before donning those t-shirts or accessories, you surely could use a chemistry shower curtain.

If you are totally hooked to your Apple mobile device you could get the iPhone case adorned with periodic table logos. For heavy drinkers there is the chemistry bar set. And if you never got over the 60s you should run right out and get the Peace/Love/Chemistry Travel Mug.

But my all time favorite is the Chem Time Clock, originally designed by ACS president-elect Bassam Shakhashiri. One adorns my office wall and every time I look at it, it lightens my day.

Happy (chemical) holidays to all!

Tom Tritton is President and CEO of CHF.


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