The Year in Chemistry

Even after the International Year of Chemistry, it’s not too late for ChemTime! Image courtesy Educational Innovations.

The International Year of Chemistry technically ended with 2011, but it’s clear from IYC’s event page that the celebrations – and discussions – aren’t over. A global water testing initiative – one of IYC’s most popular activities – has been extended through March, and CHF’s own Elemental Matters got an extension of its own (sorry, but you just missed it).

Excitement and focus, of course, do not live and die by the calendar; the ideas IYC inspired will develop and grow even beyond 2012, the U.N.-designated International Year of Cooperatives (I smell a crossover: chemical cooperative, anyone?). With all that happened in the past 12 months, however, it’s overwhelming to even start one of those year-end lists that multiply across the blogosphere in December and January. 2015, 2030, or (gasp!) 2050 may show us the lasting impact of IYC, but until then popular vote reigns. So: what do you consider chemistry’s most significant moment in 2011? And what's your prediction for 2012?

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