Most people’s resolutions are old favorites like losing weight, exercising more, not obsessing about things you can’t change, or volunteering for a favorite charity. My favorite contemporary promise is giving up the internet on weekends, but severe withdrawal symptoms surely make this even less likely to be kept than the old standbys.

We no longer have the happiness of 2011’s International Year of Chemistry, but since I’m still intent on taking a chemistry centric view, I offer the following resolutions for 2012:

  • Learn something about physics, biology, geology, astronomy, or other sciences not nearly as important as chemistry.
  • Read more about obscure non-20th century chemists who don’t even have a reaction named after them, rather than fixating only on the obvious greats like Lavoisier, Mendeleev, and Boyle.
  • Admit that there are some problems science can’t solve—how to get people to be nice to each other; how to insure that fellow citizens will vote intelligently; how to snag that precious parking space in a crowded downtown when you’re in a hurry.

Not reneging on these will take more self control than usual, so I’m counting on all my friends in the CHF universe to hold me to it.

Tom Tritton is President and CEO of CHF.

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