Animated GIF Tuesday: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Celebrates the Periodic Table

When the Fresh Prince (known today as one Will Smith) was still living in West Philadelphia, CHF was in its infancy. So it’s doubtful he ever visited. Judging from the GIF below, however, we think he might enjoy it.

As with most memes, the origins of this joyful number are a bit murky; it was sent to us by a reader asking if this is what CHF staff do all day. The answer, of course, is yes. Around the building this dance is known as “The Molybdenum,” but variants exist throughout the United States. Whatever the moves, though, they always take place next to a copy of the periodic table, preferably balanced on a large armchair.

The actual episode the GIF comes from, “The Lucky Charm,” only features chemistry briefly, but for an intro of Will’s elements rap you can watch the YouTube clip here. And for a host of periodic table-based videos, there’s CHF’s student video contest It’s Elemental. We think the Fresh Prince would approve.

The Periodic Tabloid Staff is peopled by a rotating cast from CHF.

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