Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Blood, Sweat , and Tears—it's not just a band. It's also the theme of Distillations' new three-part series. Find out all you ever wanted to know about your bodily fluids below!

Episode 149: Blood

How did blood circulation theories almost lead to the discovery of oxygen? And how are Olympic officials catching blood dopers? Listen here.

Below, check out producer Josh Kurz's history lesson on hemoglobin.

Episode 150: Sweat

Who convinced the American public it needed antiperspirants... badly? And how can sweat be used to diagnose diseases? Find out here.

Then Louis Pasteur gives the inside scoop on your sweat glands.

Episode 151: Tears

What can you do to defeat the dreaded onion tears? And how does it feel to be unable to cry when you're sad? More here.

Finally, learn about the three kinds of tears courtesy of Pride and Prejudice's Elizabeth Bennett.

Jennifer Dionisio is the executive producer of Distillations.

Episode 149: Blood [Distillations]
Episode 150: Sweat [Distillations]
Episode 151: Tears [Distillations]

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