Chemistry is all about transitions. There are transition metals—those middle-of-the-periodic-table residents whose properties are so indispensable to modern life. There are transition moments, whose quantum existence makes possible molecular spectroscopy. There are transition states, which define the pathway that one substance takes when it transforms to another substance, the very essence of chemical reactions.

For the past five years my colleagues and I have been writing blog posts for Periodic Tabloid. My own Thursday offerings have been from the point of view of a scientist. Others have also written from their experiences as historians of science, oral historians, public historians, curators, collectors, archivists, librarians, artists, and most every other imaginable viewpoint. It’s been great fun for us and (we hope) our readers. But after careful consideration, we’ve made the decision to suspend Periodic Tabloid and transition to a new format for the CHF blog.

Restarting in November, the CHF blog will amplify, expand, and build upon on the many types of content we already generate, from public programs, podcasts, Chemical Heritage magazine, scholarly publication, and our burgeoning web presence. So look forward to an announcement then, and in the meantime, we are openly receptive to any suggestions you have about CHF’s programs and our blog.

Tom Tritton is President and CEO of CHF.

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