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After nearly six years the Distillations podcast that many of you know (and, we hope, love) is transforming.

Meir Rinde, who began hosting the show in 2008, will no longer be a regular voice. Instead, he will be contributing to the magazine, beginning with the summer issue.

As CHF’s new multimedia journalist, my charge is to synthesize our new monthly #HistChem live video webcasts with the Distillations podcast and explore one new topic each month through these two formats. As we delve into each new subject, viewers and listeners will be able to watch discussions and hear perspectives on such topics as zombies (and what they can teach us about epidemics and survival) and the ups and downs of nuclear power. Science historian and Chemical Heritage editor in chief, Michal Meyer, and CHF’s resident chemist, Robert Kenworthy, are steering this new ship. They’re bringing their chemistry and history hats along, keeping one another in check and challenging the guests as they go.

We’ve got some treats in store for you over the next few months: we’ll consider cultural phenomena such as the so-called CSI myth, try to understand why humans are attracted to the smell of new cars, and attempt to figure out what a chicken nugget really is.

It’s a new format for us, and it’s already evolving. The upcoming nuclear power podcast takes a different approach to storytelling than the first zombie show did. We hope you’ll tune in and join us for the ride.

Listen to this interview with Meir Rinde, Robert Kenworthy and Michal Meyer about the Distillations transition.

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