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CHF staff and scholars provide a behind-the-scenes guide to activities at CHF, with reflections on science education, provocative explorations of chemistry in the wider world, and much more.

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All posts by Victoria M. Indivero

Water on the Moon?

Until last year, the moon was thought to be completely dry. And just last week scientists reported that there is even more water on the moon than was believed to be there last year.

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CHF Wins Silver Medal

CHF has been awarded a silver medal in the 2010 W3 Awards!

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Big Fracking Deal: The Marcellus Shale Explained

Residents of the Greater Philadelphia area have been getting geology lessons recently as the local media is turning the phrase “Marcellus Shale” into a household name. 

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Celebrating Frances Oldham Kelsey

Today the first Kelsey Award was presented to its namesake, Frances Oldham Kelsey.

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Posted In: History | Policy

Brownfield Clean Up

Brownfield remediation is becoming a better-known topic lately, as more and more brownfields throughout the urban United States are getting cleaned up.

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Periodic Table Fancy

The periodic table has become engrained in pop culture.

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The Life and Death of Biofuel

Will biofuel catch on?

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