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Below is an index of CHF resources that have been part of our site during the past decade. We are working to integrate much of this content into our redesigned site. If you do not find the pages you need among those linked below, please contact

  • Chemical Achievers
    The Human Face of the Chemical Sciences
    Teach your students about the individuals behind the major advances in the history of the chemical sciences. Rich with images and biographical details. Includes classroom activities. Please note: The majority of the biographies found on this site have been updated and are listed here.

  • Chronology of Chemical Information Science
    This Chronology of Chemical Information Science was created to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding in 1948 of the Chemical Information Division of the American Chemical Society.

  • Explore Chemical History
    This area of our Web site offers timelines of achievement and biographical sketches that provide a broad overview of the history of chemistry and related sciences.

  • Faces in the Molecular Sciences
    Two modules explore the work of pioneering scientists in the field of polymers (Faces in Polymers) and environmental chemistry (Faces in the Environment). Includes classroom activities.

  • Her Lab in Your Life: Women in Chemistry
    This Web site showcases women who have helped create our modern world and their historic contributions to science and technology.
    Please note: The majority of the biographies found on this site have been updated and are listed here.

  • Pharmaceutical Achievers
    The Human Face of Pharmaceutical Research
    Three modules explore the history and science of over-the-counter pain relievers (Aspirin Adventures); cancer detection, treatment, and prevention (Magic Bullets); and antibiotics and the treatment and prevention of infectious disease (Antibiotics in Action). Includes classroom activities.

  • Spinning the Elements
    Wallace Carothers and the Nylon Legacy
    This site tells the story of nylon and its inventor, Wallace Carothers. Students also learn about the scientific and engineering aspects of nylon. Includes a photo gallery.

  • Science Alive!
    The Life and Science of Percy Julian
    Students learn about perseverance in science and society through the life story of Percy Julian, an African American chemist who synthesized sex hormones and a treatment for glaucoma. Includes classroom activities.

  • Polymers and People
    An Informal History
    The online version of the exhibit book that accompanied a former CHF traveling exhibit.

  • WebQuests
    Despite the popularity of the WebQuest format in education today, there is a curious lack of such activities available for teaching chemistry. In response to this need, The Chemical Heritage Foundation has produced a series of chemistry WebQuests. In keeping with CHF’s mission, many of these activities emphasize the history of chemistry and, at times, the chemistry of history. The quests included here are designed for use in high school or freshman level college courses.


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The Museum at CHF

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