Case of Plastics Test Run: Day II

I watched The Case of Plastics take its first little baby step as a real living thing as my Environmental History students engaged in the first debate of the exercise (held, at the suggestion of our Instructor’s Manual, not in our usual classroom but in a nearby auditorium).

Environmental History students at Ursinus College argue their position in The Case of Plastics.

I was a little relieved and quite a bit pleased. I was relieved because the exercise of the day went according to plan. There were no hidden glitches or fatal flaws discovered in our construction of the game. The debate neither ground to a halt nor exploded in flames. It worked. I was pleased because of the performance of the students. They made articulate presentations, had clearly researched the concerns of their characters, played their roles in character, and generally engaged in the spirit of the enterprise. 

I was especially pleased with my students who played the regulators. I assigned them the task of organizing and facilitating the debate, and I wanted to see how they would do with as little interference from me as possible. The person elected chair was outstanding; she ran the proceedings with efficiency, fairness, and humor (her prop was a gavel). Her character, “Victoria Berman,” gets an award statuette for the day.

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