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I am very excited to participate in the pilot of the Case of Plastics project with the Chemical Heritage Foundation during the 2012–13 school year. I am a chemistry teacher at Palisades High School in rural Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I have been teaching chemistry at Palisades for 12 years and taking my students on field trips to the Chemical Heritage Foundation for the past several years.

Palisades High School students learn about the history of chemistry from Nobel Prize–winning chemist John Fenn during a visit to the CHF Museum.

When I first stepped foot into the Chemical Heritage Foundation, it was for a field trip coordinated by Gigi Naglak. My students were guided on a magical tour through the history of chemistry and were forever affected by the awesome way in which chemistry came alive for them. Since then I have established a relationship with the outreach program at the Chemical Heritage Foundation. CHF has worked well with me, aligning our field trips to match current topics being covered in my classes. 

Whenever Gigi has a proposal for me, I know that it will be awesome, and I jump at the opportunity. I look forward to extending my relationship with the Chemical Heritage Foundation through the Conflicts in Chemistry project. 

Palisades High School students with John Fenn in the CHF Museum.

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