Little Flower Pilot II

A Little Flower student explains The Case of Plastics to the audience at her school’s community event.

After a successful first debate the Little Flower students split into new groups to develop compromise regulations. Students argued mightily about what the new regulation should say before arriving at final versions to present in the second debate on May 2.

In this second debate three students from each group presented a list of recommendations about what should be included in the new regulation. Some common themes appeared throughout the recommendations: improving recycling methods, funding innovation in recycling and biodegradable plastics, reducing one-use plastics except in critical areas, and including warning labels on plastics to indicate possible toxicity.

After each group presented, the regulators asked questions. The questions were very thoughtful and reflected, for the most part, an understanding of the issues. The regulators left to make their decision, but in each class they sought further clarification before choosing a winner, revealing their careful deliberation. When the winning group was announced, the winners expressed great joy, while the other showed some disappointment.

Little Flower students smile for the camera during their community event on The Case of Plastics

After completing the in-class portion of the project, about 20 Little Flower students participated in a community event designed to teach others what they learned about plastics. The girls prepared an extensive script complete with video clips and references to the project website. The audience received a ballot from which they could select one of the five interest groups after listening to the students’ arguments.

The students presented a brief summary of the game before launching into an introduction of each group and its viewpoints. Each group showed a video clip that represented the focus of that group’s arguments. Several representatives from each group also presented arguments for their positions. While the audience voted and the results were tallied, the students gave the audience a quiz to assess what they learned during the presentation. The winner of the audience vote? The Waste Group!

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