Coming Soon: The Case of Plastics

Students engaged in discussion during the pilot of The Case of Plastics

Photograph by Conrad Erb.

Conflicts in Chemistry: The Case of Plastics is coming soon to a classroom near you!

With project edits nearing completion and website revisions in the works, The Case of Plastics nears public release. The past year has offered exciting opportunities to develop the project and experience the pilot in the classrooms of our partner teachers. But now that the project has been tested, evaluated, and revised, it is time to share it with teachers all over the country.

The end goal of The Case of Plastics has always been to create an educational model that could be used by teachers anywhere, without a connection to CHF or extensive contact with us. The online nature of the program makes it easy for teachers and students to access. Teachers will initially need to contact CHF for some instructor materials, but they will then be able to conduct the program without assistance.

We hope, however, that teachers using this program do stay in contact with us. We would love to know how teachers are using the program, what they find effective, and how they modify it to work in their classroom. This feedback will help us monitor the program and continue to make improvements over time.

Interested in The Case of Plastics? E-mail for more information!

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