Plastic Blogs

The Internet makes sharing ideas and opinions easy, and people have very strong opinions on plastics. It is no surprise, then, that the Internet is full of blogs and websites about plastics, most of which offer a decidedly negative or positive view of these materials. 

The goal of this blog, and the Case of Plastics more generally, is to explore all the different positions on plastics, and blogs are one good way to do that. Blogs are a great way to access new ideas, information, and opinions—as long as we recognize the author’s biases.

Pro-Plastic Blogs

The Plastics Blog is the blog for Plastics News, a print and Internet publication that tracks worldwide developments affecting the plastics industry. The blog reports on the plastic angle of news stories ranging from the State of the Union to whether rabbits enjoy eating bioplastics.

The Urethane Blog also focuses on the plastics business but with a particular emphasis on polyurethane. Sponsored by Everchem, a specialty chemical company, the blog is pretty technical and business oriented and can be daunting to the uninitiated, but it provides some interesting glimpses into the plastics business. 

Anti-Plastic Blogs

My Plastic Free Life chronicles Beth Terry’s efforts to eliminate plastic from her life. Concerned about environmental and health issues, Terry avoids buying plastic and generating plastic trash whenever possible. Her blog charts her progress and offers advice to others.

Life Without Plastic is the blog for the company of the same name, which helps people reduce their plastic consumption by selling plastic alternatives. Though the blog updates infrequently, it offers some interesting explorations of plastic alternatives.

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