Student Perspectives: What We Learned

During The Case of Plastics project, I learned that people can be very competitive. I also saw the compassion for the environment in my classmates. As a whole, I think the ideas that we created about how to solve the problems of plastic were great, and I believe as a class we did a great job.

The project website made the information we needed about plastics very accessible. This helped us learn our facts and become confident speakers and “plastic brain heads.” I also want to thank the Chemical Heritage Foundation team for their great roles. They made the roles understandable for us students. I would also like to thank the woman from the Chemical Heritage Foundation who spent her time with us during our debate rounds, because it made us more attentive and focused.

Overall, I believe this was a good way of learning about plastics. I enjoyed this very much, and I encourage more teachers to make this a grade.

Little Flower students meet in their group and prepare for their arguments in The Case of Plastics.

Photograph by Deborah Cook.

Brianna Devero is a student at the Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls. She and her classmates were among the very first students to participate in The Case of Plastics.

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