Student Perspectives: Learning New Skills

The Case of Plastics helps students gain confidence as public speakers. Above, a Little Flower student presents during the first debate.

Photograph by Deborah Cook

The Case of Plastics project benefited me because, as a regulator, I got to hear and listen to every side of the story about plastics and pick a winner. After two rounds of debate groups presented their positions on plastics, the regulators picked a winner, and to say the least it was not easy. We disagreed on things, and I think that’s the issue the world is having today. We can’t agree on a way to recycle plastics, and now it’s so bad we’re stuck in a corner thinking instead of doing something about it.

This project also benefited me because it taught me how to listen, analyze, and pick what I think is the best choice. Overall, I think this project helped the class because it taught the students oral presentation skills and how to stand up for a regulation or an idea they have. It taught them how to stand up for their own ideas even if someone does not agree with them, and I think that is a very important skill to have.

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