Student Perspectives: What Can We Do?

The global impact of plastic debris is just one piece of a very complicated debate about how plastics should be used and regulated.

I learned over the course of The Case of Plastics project that there is a lot more to learn about plastic than I initially perceived. I would have never have thought that plastic was such a problem in today’s world or that a Pacific waste dump piled up in the ocean affects the lives of not only the fish but the entire planet.

I would also have never taken into account the opinions of manufacturers. Plastic is an essential part of business and manufacturing, and without it the prices for many of our many day-to-day items would go up. Even the fact that so many products we use every day are made with plastic is astounding. And knowing how common and important plastics are makes the possibility they could cause disease a frightening prospect.

There are many pros and cons to plastic ranging from health and safety to disposal, and the way we make these decisions is vital. Everyone should play a part in the debate on these matters.

I think that there are many things we as a plastic-enriched world need to consider when dealing with plastic, and there are a few things we should do to protect the planet and ourselves. We should get rid of all regulations that are detrimental to plastics used for medical, defense, and communication purposes, because they are essential to our safety. We should put safety labels on plastics to ensure that the user is aware that there are risks associated with plastics. There should be more programs regarding recycling awareness. 

I believe that plastics are very useful and provide for the many facets of our lives, so there also should be more programs for the support of plastics. I believe that if we take a second to look at all the plastic out there today and we enact the things I have suggested that we can make this world a safer and better place.

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