What We’ve Learned

Throughout The Case of Plastics we received feedback from the participating teachers about ways to improve the game. But when the pilot finished, we also wanted to know what the students thought. Luckily, they had a lot to say.

Here are just a few student comments that have helped shape the project:

“The job of the regulator was really easy throughout this whole process.” Some future game players might disagree, but this note helped us rethink the role of the Regulator. 

What should the Regulators do? “The regulators should regulate the discussion prior to the debate,” or “the regulators could do a little bit more research of their own.”

“Our group could not find a happy medium, so we eventually made regulations that did not necessarily agree with our characters’ positions, but rather we made regulations that could actually exist in America today.” Not what we expected, but certainly an awesome result!

Palisades Regulators consider different regulations during the Second Debate. Photograph by Conrad Erb.

“But in the end, I just gave in to what the rest of my group wanted because my desired regulations were not very realistic.” This from a member of the Industry group, and something we need to consider. Compromise is good, but no group should feel that they have to give up on all their goals!

“Hopefully, representatives, judges, and ‘important people’ will hear us out and understand that we need to make a change. The regulations that each group devised are not impossible, and this project made me realize that we need to do something about plastic usage soon, before we become regretful.”

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