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It's Elemental Prizes

Winner Notification Countdown

And the Grand Prize winners are…

Grand Prize winners will attend Heritage Day 2011 in Philadelphia, meet the judges and other esteemed guests at a special event, and see their videos played during the Heritage Day festivities.

  • Daniyal N. Khan, Berlin High School in Berlin, Connecticut, for his video about hydrogen.

  • Gadolonian Gladiators team of Lincoln Southwest High School in Lincoln, Nebraska, for their gadolinium video.

And the Dow Classroom Prize winners are . . .

Teachers of students whose videos ranked among the top 20 highest scores in the competition were invited to submit essays proposing improvements to their science departments. These schools each won $5000 grants from the Dow Chemical Company:

  • Charlotte Christian School in Charlotte, North Carolina. Grant funds will purchase laboratory equipment for hands-on experiments. Check out C4’s iodine video.

  • Drummond High School in Drummond, Wisconsin. Grant funds will be used to develop a local water quality monitoring program for the White River. Check out team Iron Women’s iron video.

  • Dwight Englewood School in Englewood, New Jersey. Grant funds will be used to purchase spectrometers to study molecular biology. Check out team Silly Sodium’s sodium video, The Bananas’ phosphorus video and Alexa and Maeve’s zinc video.

  • Ephrata High School in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Grant funds will be used to purchase laboratory equipment and innovative physics and chemistry learning modules.  Check out Jesse’s uranium video.

  • Many High School in Many, Louisiana. Grant funds will be used to purchase laboratory equipment and a compost bin used in cross-disciplinary studies projects incorporating biology, mathematics, and communications. Check out Annette’s Chem Class’s iodine video.

  • Northwood High School in Northwood, Ohio. Grant funds will be used to purchase interactive laboratory equipment to explore the science of art materials. Check out Z&B Productions’ oxygen video.

  • Oconomowoc High School in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Grant funds will support technologies used to explore the impacts of global climate change. Check out IzzieLaw’s zirconium video and The Champs’ palladium video.

  • St. Joseph's Academy in St. Louis, Missouri. Grant funds will support a new science laboratory and technology to study outdoor air and water quality in the community. Check out Marissa’s manganese video.

And the People’s Pick winner is...

Congratulations to the Alphas team from St. Brendan High School in Miami, Florida. Their video on indium was chosen as the People’s Pick by visitors to the It’s Elemental Web site.