“You have choices and chances.”

Amanda Field

Amanda Field, senior administrative assistant of the Chemical Engineering Program for Texas A&M University at Qatar, believes that careers aren’t set in stone. She talks about the varied paths she has taken and asserts that women are more respected in science because they’re working harder to prove themselves.

Field graduated from the University of Glamorgan with a Higher National Diploma in chemistry and from Portsmouth University with a B.S. degree in medical laboratory science, specializing in hematology and transfusion science. She also earned an M.S. degree in biomedical science. In the 15 years Field has spent in hematology, she has worked in both the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates, where she became a chartered scientist and fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Scientists. Amanda also studied CELTA, Online Education and Training, and obtained the Certificate of Administrative Professionals and Certificate in Organizational Behavior from the International Association of Administrative Professionals, USA.

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