“I was looked at as really weird.”

Anna Wilson

A chemistry set with “really nice stuff in it” sparked Anna Wilson’s lifelong interest in chemistry, but her passion made her a bit of an oddball in the eyes of her high-school peers.

Wilson retired in 2007 after spending 36 years as the coordinator of teaching laboratories for the Department of Biochemistry at Purdue University. She received a B.S. in chemistry and an M.S. in chemistry education from Purdue. She then taught chemistry, physics, and general science at a county high school and spent four years in the Purdue freshman-chemistry preparation laboratory before taking the coordinator position. Wilson has been an active member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) since 1975, and has chaired several committees and national meetings. She also volunteers for local ACS and Purdue programs that bring chemistry and biochemistry laboratory exercises to K-12 students.

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