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Stories from the Field

Women in Chemistry: Stories from the Field

Stories from the Field preserves and celebrates the contributions of women in science. From students striving for degrees to scientists looking back on their careers, this audio library captures triumphs, challenges, and insights in short, conversational interviews.

We at CHF thank all our Stories from the Field participants for sharing their experiences with us—and with generations of scientists to come.


“You get a lot of pushback.”

Women chemists who are also trying to raise a family can get a lot of heat, even from other women, says Bevin Parks. It helps, she says, to get to know and understand those women who are pushing back—ideally over dinner and drinks.

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“You have choices and chances.”

Amanda Field, senior administrative assistant of the Chemical Engineering Program for Texas A&M University at Qatar, believes that careers aren’t set in stone. She talks about the varied paths she has taken and asserts that women are more respected in science because they’re working harder to prove themselves.

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“You just have to ignore the masses that are telling you that you can’t do it.”

In school it’s usually the men who are encouraged in science, says April Quarles. Though women continue to face negative social influences when pursuing science, she encourages them to concentrate on their goals, and she talks about a mentor who helped guide her.

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“You never really know what the secret sauce is going to be that brings passion to others in science.”

In a small town in South Carolina, chemistry students at a high school were doing accomplished, innovative work—yet no one was paying attention. Denise Creech talks about one of her proudest moments: fighting to get them recognition.

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Catalyst Series: Women in Chemistry

Women in Chemistry

Follow the adventures of eight leading women in chemistry and celebrate their life-changing, chance-taking, thrill-seeking love of science.