“There’s nothing wrong in going out there and asking for what we want.”

Valerie Fremont

As a woman as well as an immigrant to the United States, Valerie Fremont has faced particular challenges in her career. She discusses America’s “culture of risk,” the challenges of moving from academia to a position with a small biotech company, and how women are taught to be more assertive in the United States than in Europe.

Fremont is the director of product development at the biotechnology company Trophogen, where she is responsible for translating objectives and initiatives into successful programs. She received a Ph.D. with high honors in biochemistry and neurobiology from the University of Provence. Fremont has been a member of Women In Bio since 2002 and currently serves as the national chair for global chapter development. She has supported and contributed to the opening of six Women In Bio chapters, including the very first Canadian chapter in Montreal.

Posted In: Overcoming the Odds

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