The Roy Eddleman Institute for Interpretation and Education

The Roy Eddleman Institute, the outreach arm of CHF, brings chemistry to a broad audience through public programs, print and Web-based publications, and educational materials. The institute also operates the Museum at CHF, which explores subjects ranging from alchemy to nanotechnology.

While many organizations promote science or chemistry education, CHF is distinguished from them by basing outreach programs on its unparalleled collections of books and journals, archives, oral histories, artworks, instruments, and apparatuses. These collective resources constitute the material record of the human endeavor to investigate and shape nature through discovery and invention, a record that touches every aspect of life. Interpreting that record through a wide range of activities is the mission of the Institute. Through its outreach programs, the Institute conveys to a broad audience the excitement and implications of chemical innovation through time.



The Institute is steward to CHF’s collections of archives, artworks, instruments, and apparatuses. The Institute has an ambitious schedule of exhibits, establishing a new model of collaboration with other institutions to present multidisciplinary and multicontextual shows on the role of the chemical sciences.

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Educational programs serve two functions, support for those who teach others and promotion of a broader public understanding of science. Current educational programs include television production, workshops for teachers, and Web-based curricula.

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