Nobel Prize Conductive Valley Game
A fun and educational game based on conductive polymer technology.

Exploring Materials Engineering: Polymers
A colorful visual description of what polymers are and why they’re important.

In Chemical Heritage Magazine

Celluloid: The Eternal Substitute
Celluloid, developed in the late 19th century, launched the modern age of man-made plastics.

From CHF's Oral History program

The Polymer Project
Collection of oral histories related to polymer research from the perspective of some of the most prominent chemists involved.

Polymers, A Brief History
A short essay on the history of polymers with excerpts from the oral history of pioneering polymer researcher Herman Mark.

Rubber Matters
Online exhibit covering the surprising and often-overlooked importance of rubber in World War II, with a focus on the U.S. Synthetic Rubber Program, as told from the unique perspective of CHF’s Oral History interviewees.

Reflections on Careers

Learn more about women's contributions to science through CHF's Women in Chemistry oral histories.

Stories from the Field

Listen to career insights and stories of scientific adventures from women in chemistry.