Educational Resource Page

Download our educational guide to The Catalyst Series: Women in Chemistry.

Careers in Chemistry

Read about current jobs in chemistry and dream jobs of the future. 

Women in Science

Discover women’s contributions to science throughout history. 


Learn about the history and future of biotechnology.

Spectrometry and Spectroscopy

Read more about the science behind spectrometry and spectroscopy.

Materials Science

What is materials science? Click to read more about the “science of stuff.” 


Discover the science behind this cutting-edge field. 

Pharmaceutical Science

Explore the history of pharmaceutical science and the future of careers in the field. 


Learn how these ubiquitous materials are made and about polymers’ new frontiers.

Water Treatment

Take a virtual tour of a water-treatment plant. 

Reflections on Careers

Learn more about women's contributions to science through CHF's Women in Chemistry oral histories.

Stories from the Field

Listen to career insights and stories of scientific adventures from women in chemistry.