The Life and Science of Percy Julian
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11A (Writing Activity)

What Is Success?

Julian tried to write his autobiography, but he never finished it. In the manuscript, he wrote, “I have done only a small fraction of the things that I have wanted to do in life.”

Do you think Percy Julian was a success? Look at the following list of some of the things he achieved. Some of his accomplishments were personal, some were professional, and some were related to the fact that he was an African American. Still others were awards bestowed on him.

Your assignment: Which of these do you think gave Julian the greatest feelings of success? That is, which accomplishments do you think were most important to him? Pick one or two. If this were a list of your achievements, which would be most important to you? Write a one-page essay that answers these questions and explains why you feel that way.

The Achievements of Percy Julian: A Summary

Educational Achievements

Scientific Achievements

Business and Financial Achievements

Civic Achievements

Personal and Family Achievements

Recognition by Others

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