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Activity 8A (Reading)
The Many Faces of Steroids

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Lesson Overview This reading is an introduction to the great variety of steroids and their many different uses.
Learning Objectives To show how organic compounds are constructed and explain why they can be useful.
Lesson Concepts
  • atoms and molecules
  • elements and compounds
  • molecular structure
  • properties
  • steroids
Materials Required No special materials are required.
Skills Required No special skills are required.
Time Required 10–15 minutes.
Student Ability Level and Grouping

This lesson is suitable for students of all levels.

Assessment There does not need to be a formal assessment of this lab activity. You might tell students that their paper samples will be posted on a bulletin board or other display area. You might also ask students to compare the effect of adding sizing at the end of the activity.

This activity meets the following National Science Education Standards (Grades 5-8) and Curriculum Standards for Social Studies.

National Science Education Standards (Grades 5-8)

Physical Science

  • Properties and changes of properties in matter

Science and Technology

  • Understandings about science and technology

History and Nature of Science

  • Science as a human endeavor
  • Historical perspectives

Curriculum Standards for Social Studies

  • None.

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