The Life and Times of Percy Julian

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Meanwhile in the Rest of the World

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Lesson Overview This time line lists events that took place in the United States and the rest of the world during Percy Julian’s lifetime. Key points in Julian’s life are included in the time line so that students can easily see what Julian was doing at the time of important world events.
Learning Objectives

The objective of the lesson is to put Percy Julian’s life and work into context by showing what kind of world in which he lived and worked.

Lesson Concepts Individual lives unfold in complex historical circumstances. Understanding events that may not appear to directly affect individuals can also give insight into the constraints and opportunities they faced.
Materials Required No special materials are required.
Skills Required No special skills are required.
Time Required Time required will vary depending on how much of the time line you choose to use.
Student Ability Level and Grouping This lesson is suitable for students of all levels.
Notes This lesson covers the whole time period of Julian’s life. You may choose to only use certain sections of this time line to accompany the specific parts of Julian’s life and work you choose to use in your classroom.
Assessment Students can explain the significance of events that happened in Julian’s lifetime and discuss how they might have affected his life. For example, they may discuss the effects that the rise of Nazism in Central Europe had on Julian’s time studying in Vienna.

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