The Life and Times of Percy Julian

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Note: There are no lesson plans for the “Spend a Day with Percy Julian” readings (1B, 2A, 3A, 4A, 8B, 10B).

Main Story: Narrative of Julian’s Life (Teacher Version)

Activity 1A: The Segregated South: From Slavery to Jim Crow (Reading)

Activity 1C: The Trailblazers (Reading)

Activity 2B: What Is Organic Chemistry? (Reading)

Activity 3B: Repeating Experiments (Lab Activity)

Activity 3C: What Is Synthesis? (Reading and Interactive)

Activity 5A: Synthetic vs. Natural: What’s the Difference? (Reading)

Activity 5B: Chemical Reactions and How You Know When You’ve Made Something New (Lab Activity)

Activity 5C: Melting Point Simulation (Interactive)

Activity 6A: Making and Sizing Paper  (Lab Activity)

Activity 7A: Pure Substances, Mixtures, and Separations (Lab Activity Series)

Activity 8A: The Many Faces of Steroids (Reading)

Activity 9A: Fighting Discrimination (Activity)

Activity 10A: Changing the Starch in “Yams” to Sugar (Lab Activity)

Activity 11A: What Is Success? (Activity)

Meanwhile in the Rest of the World

A PBS/NOVA Documentary on Percy Julian

Visit the NOVA web site to learn more and watch online.