Benefits of Being a Fellow at CHF

A community of scholars

Scholars at CHF enjoy many opportunities to interact with colleagues.

CHF typically hosts eight to ten fellows in residence at any one time. These fellows, together with nearly a dozen CHF staff scholars, form a dynamic community of people working in some aspect of the history and sociology of chemistry and related sciences. 

See a list of CHF’s current scholars.

An active community of scholars

CHF fellows have numerous opportunities to interact with colleagues at conferences, colloquia, workshops, and receptions at CHF and around Philadelphia.

On Tuesdays in the spring and fall, fellows are invited to present their research to CHF staff and visitors at informal talks known as Brown Bag Lectures. CHF also offers regularly scheduled workshops in which fellows and staff can present work-in-progress to colleagues for critical commentary.

Research tools

Long-term fellows are given an office, a computer, and a dedicated phone line. Depending on availability, some short-term fellows may get an office as well, but most short-term fellows receive their own work space in CHF’s Jacobs Reading Room and wireless Internet access. 

All fellows have access to the resources of CHF’s Othmer Library, Oral History Collection, and Special Collections. Further, thanks to an arrangement with the University of Pennsylvania’s History and Sociology of Science Department, all CHF fellows have access to the resources of Penn’s libraries as well. Full interlibrary-loan and document-delivery services are provided through the Othmer Library.


The Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science (PACHS) is a new consortium of 12 area research institutions (including CHF), establishing Philadelphia as an East Coast hub for the study of the history of science, technology, and medicine. PACHS-sponsored regional colloquia allow some CHF fellows to disseminate their research to a wider audience.

Center for Contemporary History and Policy

Fellows interact extensively with staff in CHF’s Center for Contemporary History and Policy, a research community that offers historically grounded perspectives on issues related to the molecular sciences and technologies.

Housing search support

CHF does not provide housing for fellows, but we do assist scholars in finding a place to live and help them acclimate to the area. Please call with any questions about living in Philadelphia during your time at CHF.


Check our Fellowship FAQ or e-mail

The Museum at CHF

The Museum at CHF

Explore the fascinating history of chemistry and the role science plays in the modern world at our museum in Philadelphia.

Arnold O. Beckman

CHF’s Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry was started with a generous grant from the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation in 1987.


Brown Bag Lecture Series

Enjoy a bring-your-own brown-bag lunch while listening to CHF scholars share their research.

Sensing Change

See your environment with fresh eyes through this online exhibit.

Fellowships at CHF

CHF’s scholars, who spend anywhere from one to nine months in residence, form a vital part of CHF’s intellectual life.

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