Applications for 2016–2017 are now closed. Applications for 2017–2018 will be posted in the fall.

CHF fosters an exceptional and unique community of scholars.

In the words of one 2009–2010 CHF fellow, “The working conditions are wonderful: a comfortable place to focus and shut out all distractions while at the same time being surrounded by knowledgeable and helpful colleagues who can answer questions or engage in informed conversations.”

CHF fellows form a vital part of CHF’s intellectual life. Fellows are given the opportunity to

  • Conduct research with full access to CHF’s library, oral history collection, and object collections;
  • Interact with CHF’s in-house scholars, including the staff of CHF’s Institute for Research;
  • Share work through CHF’s Brown Bag Lecture Series, writing group, and various academic seminars;
  • Attend conferences, talks, seminars, and social events;
  • Publish in Distillations magazine; and
  • Access the libraries of the University of Pennsylvania.

Additional academic and social interaction happens through the Consortium for History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM), which brings together researchers in the history of science, technology, and medicine from throughout the greater Philadelphia region. CHF also has a central location with easy access to area resources and public transportation to New York City and Washington, D.C.

Fellowship Descriptions

CHF offers many fellowships-in-residence, most of which are the result of generous gifts from individuals, foundations, or organizations (click here to learn more about these donors). Our goal at CHF is to select the best applicants from a large pool and so we do not ask people to apply for a specific fellowship (with the exception of Société and Ullyot fellowships). Rather we encourage applications from all researchers working on topics related to history of science and technology with an emphasis on chemical matters, broadly construed. After an external peer-review committee selects the fellows, we then pair them with the appropriate fellowship depending on the nature of their research.

Below we list the specific named fellowships that CHF offers. For more on applications or how to apply, please use the navigation bar at the upper left of the screen to select the general type of fellowship you are interested in, or click the Apply tab within that bar. While applicants do not select which fellowship to apply for, if you feel that your work is of particular relevance to one or more of the fellowships, please feel free to indicate that in your cover letter.

Long-Term Fellowships (9 months)

Gordon Cain Fellowships in Technology, Policy, and Entrepreneurship
The Cain Fellowships are open to postdoctoral and predoctoral scholars who plan to conduct historical research on some aspect of the development of the chemical and related industries. Multiple fellowships offered.

Sidney M. Edelstein Fellowships
The Edelstein Fellowships are designed for postdoctoral and predoctoral scholars whose projects deal generally with the history of the chemical and molecular sciences, technologies, and industries, regardless of time period. Two fellowships offered.

John C. Haas Fellowships 
The Haas Fellowships are open to postdoctoral and predoctoral scholars whose projects will enhance understanding of the chemical industries in relation to societal, environmental, health, and safety issues and in the public understanding of science. Two or three fellowships offered.

Charles C. Price Fellowship
The Price Fellowship is open to predoctoral scholars pursuing research on the history of the chemical sciences and technologies. Preference is given to applicants with projects on the history of polymers; however, scholars interested in other fields are also encouraged to apply.

Short-Term Fellowships (1–4 months)

Robert W. Allington Fellowships
Allington Fellowships are available to scholars doing research with the collections at CHF. Multiple fellowships offered.

CHF Fellowships
CHF Fellowships are available to scholars doing research with the collections at CHF. Multiple fellowships offered.

Herbert D. Doan Fellowships in the History of the Chemical Industries
Doan Fellowships are available to scholars doing research on topics related to chemical engineering and industry with the collections at CHF. Multiple fellowships offered.

Société de Chimie Industrielle Fellowship
The Société Fellowship is designed to stimulate public understanding of the chemical industries. Applications are encouraged from writers, journalists, educators, and historians of science, technology, or business. The fellow will spend three months in residence at CHF. Multimedia, popular book projects, and Web-based projects are encouraged.

Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot Scholarship
The Ullyot Scholarship sponsors historical research that promotes public understanding of the chemical sciences. Applications are encouraged from scholars, graduate students, science writers, and journalists. The fellow will spend a minimum of two months in residence at CHF.

The Eugene Garfield Grants Program

Theodore and Mary Herdegen Fellowship in the History of Scientific Information
Herdegen Fellowships are available to scholars doing research in the history of the production, transmission, and/or organization of scientific information. Preference is given to fellows working in areas of chemical information

Noshir T. Mistry Fellowship in the History of Chemical Engineering
The Mistry Fellow will investigate diverse topics in the history of chemical engineering, including chemical process engineering and chemical product engineering.

Paul Otlet Fellowship in the History of Information Science
The Otlet Fellow will conduct research that carries forth our understanding of documenting information and its role in enabling and disseminating scientific discovery. Preference is given to fellows studying information science before 1944, the internet, or to work that explores the political dimensions of science documentation.

Raquel and Arthur Seidel Fellowship in the History of Intellectual Property and Patents
The Seidel Fellow will work at the intersection of history of chemistry and the law in order to understand how the legal system has interacted with scientific process as it relates to discovery, patenting, commercialization, and public perception.

Research Travel Grants (1–2 weeks)

The Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry offers travel grants for periods of up to two weeks for research using the primary research materials in CHF’s Othmer Library of Chemical History. Applicants must currently reside more than 75 miles from Philadelphia in order to be eligible.

The Museum at CHF

The Museum at CHF

Explore the fascinating history of chemistry and the role science plays in the modern world at our museum in Philadelphia.

Arnold O. Beckman

CHF’s Beckman Center for the History of Chemistry was started with a generous grant from the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation in 1987.


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