Current Beckman Center Staff and Fellows

Beckman Center Staff

The Beckman Center’s staff members direct and organize the fellowship program, as well as academic programming that supports the Beckman Center’s mission to foster independent historical research on science, medicine, technology, or industry.

Ashley Augustyniak, Fellowship Coordinator

Carin Berkowitz, Director of the Beckman Center

Rebecca Ortenberg, Program Assistant

Alison Roseberry-Polier, Program Assistant

James R. Voelkel, Curator of Rare Books and Beckman Center Resident Scholar

Beckman Center Fellows

The Chemical Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce the appointments of the Beckman Center fellows for the academic year 2015–2016.

Cain Distinguished Fellow

  • William Newman (Indiana University), “The Alchemy of Isaac Newton: A New Appraisal”

Long-Term Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Andreas Weber (University of Twente, Netherlands), Haas Fellow, “Materials at Work: Governing Nature and Society in the Dutch Empire, 1780–1830”

  • Elena Conis (Emory University), Cain Fellow, “The DDT Myths”

Long-Term Dissertation Fellows

  • Justin Rivest (Johns Hopkins University), Price Fellow, “From Orviétan to Ipecacuanha: Patent Pharmaceuticals, Iatrochymistry, and the Absolutist State in France”

  • Roksana Filipowska (University of Pennsylvania), Doan Fellow, “Polymorphous Plasticity: 1960s Artist Experiments in Plastic as Speculative Thought”

  • Lisa Haushofer (Harvard University), Haas Fellow, “Edible Health: Physiological Chemistry, Public Health, and Consumer Medicinal Food Products, 1884–1939”

Short-Term Fellows

  • Jenny Beckman (Uppsala University, Sweden), Allington Fellow, “Berzelius, Publication, and Priority in the First Half of the 19th Century”

  • Megan Black (George Washington University), Doan Fellow, “From Mass-Spectrometry to Landsat: Extractive Industries and State Technologies of Geological Prospecting in the 20th Century”

  • Francesco Gerali (University of Oklahoma), Doan Fellow, “Succinum Resolutum, Hertzerde, and Petroline: Shaping the Idea of Petroleum between 1600 and 1800”

  • Eva Hemmungs Wirtén (Linkoping University, Sweden), Otlet Fellow, “Big Bibliography: Science under the Weight of Information Overload”

  • Marcin Krasnodebski (University of Bordeaux, France), Doan Fellow, “Pine Resin Chemistry and Industry in the United States in the First Half of the 20th Century”

  • Raechel Lutz (Rutgers University), Allington Fellow, “Refining a State: an Environmental History of Oil Refining in New Jersey 1870–1980”

  • Axel Petit (University of Nantes, France), CHF Fellow, “Walter J. Hamer (1907–2004), Electrochemistry at the National Bureau of Standards”

  • Michael Rossi (University of Chicago), Allington Fellow, “The Rules of Perception: American Color Science, 1831–1931”

  • Hanna Vikstrom (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), CHF Fellow, “From Light Bulbs to LEDs: Illuminating the Role of Rare Metals”

  • Simon Werrett (University College London, United Kingdom), Allington Fellow, “Recycling in Early Modern Science: Material Culture, Experimental Philosophy, and Sustainability”

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