Current Beckman Center Staff and Fellows

Beckman Center Staff

The Beckman Center’s staff members direct and organize the fellowship program, as well as academic programming that supports the Beckman Center’s mission to foster independent historical research on science, medicine, technology, or industry.

Ashley Augustyniak, Fellowship Coordinator

Carin Berkowitz, Director of the Beckman Center

Rebecca Ortenberg, Program Assistant

James R. Voelkel, Curator of Rare Books and Beckman Center Resident Scholar

Beckman Center Fellows

The Chemical Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce the appointments of the Beckman Center fellows and CHF visiting fellows for the academic year 2014–2015.

Cain Distinguished Fellow

  • Bruce Moran (University of Nevada, Reno), “Leonhard Thurneisser and the Alchemy of Plants in the Early Modern Era”

Long-Term Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Deanna Day (University of Pennsylvania), Haas Fellow, “Teaching through Toys: Girls Experiencing Science and Technology from Chemistry Sets to the American Girl Dolls”
  • Stefano Gattei (IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy), Edelstein Fellow, “Beyond Galileo: Medicine, Alchemy, and Natural Philosophy at the Lyncean Academy”
  • Ignacio Suay-Matallana (University of Valencia, Spain), Cain Fellow, “Chemicals across Borders: Spanish Experts and Custom Laboratories in a Global Fight against Fraud”

Long-Term Dissertation Fellows

  • Nadia Berenstein (University of Pennsylvania), Haas Fellow, “Flavor Added”
  • Elisabeth Berry Drago (University of Delaware), Allington Fellow, “Thomas Wijck’s Painted Alchemists at the Intersection of Art, Science, and Practice”
  • Britt Dahlberg (University of Pennsylvania), ACLS Fellow/CHF Fellow-in-Residence, “Envisioning Post-Industrial Futures: Community Activism and Government Environmental Health Science”
  • E. A. Driggers (University of South Carolina), Edelstein Fellow, “Networks of Nature: Chemistry and the Revival of Humoral Theory”
  • Timothy Johnson (University of Georgia), Allington Fellow, “Growth Industry: Unearthing the Origins of Fertilizer-Fueled Agriculture in America, 1865–1950”
  • Daniel Liu (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Price Fellow, “Molecules in Biology before Molecular Biology”

Short-Term Fellows

  • Nandini Bhattacharya (University of Dundee, U.K.), Doan Fellow (2 months), “The Making of an Industrial Nation: A History of the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries in India”
  • William Brock (Emeritus, University of Leicester, U.K.), Doan Fellow (1 month), “A Very Short Introduction to the History of Chemistry”
  • Ella Butler (University of Chicago), Doan Fellow (3 months), “Producing Taste: Science and the Senses in the U.S. Processed-Food Industry”
  • Kristin DeGhetaldi (University of Delaware), CHF Fellow (1 month), “Analytical Methods Used to Explore the  Evolution from Egg to Oil Paints in Quattrocento Italy”
  • Adrian Dingle (The Westminster Schools), Société de Chimie Industrielle Fellow (3 months), “A History of the Chemical Elements—the Who, What, When, and Where”
  • Meredith Farmer (University of North Carolina), Allington Fellow (2 months), “Melville’s Ontology”
  • Apostolos Gerontas (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Mistry Fellow (3 months), “Large-Scale Chromatography in Industrial Processing”
  • Mathias Grote (Technische Universität Berlin), Ullyot Scholar (2 months),  “From ‘Total Synthesis’ to Synthetic Biology? Making Biomolecules with Reagents, Enzymes, and Machines, 1960s–1980s”
  • Jeffrey Johnson (Villanova University), Haas Fellow (1 month), “From Frankenstein to Artificial Life: Historical and Cultural Perspectives”
  • Stylianos Kampouridis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens), Allington Fellow (1 month), “Bytes as Test Tubes: The Emergence of Computational Quantum Chemistry”
  • Douglas O’Reagan (University of California, Berkeley), Seidel Fellow (3 months) “Industrial Espionage, Tech Transfer, and Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century”
  • Jason Pine (SUNY Purchase), Haas Fellow (3 months), “Meth Labs, Alchemy, and the Matter of Life”
  • Catherine Price (Independent Scholar), Société de Chimie Industrielle Fellow (3 months), “Food, Sex, Fight: The Hormones That Make Us Us
  • Elly Truitt (Bryn Mawr College), CHF Fellow (4 months), “A Medieval Handbook of Art and Magic”
  • Feng-En Tu (Harvard University), Doan Fellow (1 month), “Manufacturing Reality: The Production of Modern Smells in Japan and Beyond, 1880–1945”
  • Stephen Weininger, (Worcester Polytechnic Institute), Haas Fellow (1 month), “Paul D. Bartlett and the Intersection of Industry, War, and ‘Pure’ Science”
  • Michael Worboys, (University of Manchester, U.K.), Haas Fellow (1 month), “NSAIDs, Inflammation, and Translational Medicine”


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