Current Beckman Center Staff and Fellows

Beckman Center Staff

The Beckman Center’s staff members direct and organize the fellowship program, as well as academic programming that supports the Beckman Center’s mission to foster independent historical research on science, medicine, technology, or industry.

Ashley Augustyniak, Fellowship Coordinator

Carin Berkowitz, Associate Director of the Beckman Center

Ronald Brashear, Arnold Thackray Director of the Othmer Library and Director of the Beckman Center

James R. Voelkel, Rare Books Curator and Beckman Center Scholar-in-Residence

Beckman Center Fellows

The Chemical Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce the appointments of the Beckman Center fellows and Center for Contemporary History and Policy visiting fellows for the academic year 2011–2012.

Cain Distinguished Fellow

Long-Term Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Laura Anne Kalba (Smith College), Edelstein Fellow: “Color in the Age of Impressionism: Technology, Commerce, and Art”
  • Benjamin Gross (CHF), Cain Fellow: “The Engineer’s Toolkit: Passive Components and the American Electronics Industry”
  • Mat Savelli (McMaster University, Canada), Haas Fellow: “A Comparative History of Psychopharmaceutical Print Advertising”
  • Adelheid Voskuhl (Harvard University), Doan Fellow (5 months): “Engineering as Institution: Technical and Technocratic Elites in Germany and the U.S., 1870 to 1935”

Long-Term Dissertation Fellows

  • Ian Beamish (Johns Hopkins University), Haas Fellow: “Saving the South: Printing Agricultural Improvement in the American South, 1820–1865”
  • Deanna Day (University of Pennsylvania), Price Fellow: “98.6: Fevers, Fertility, and the Patient Labor of American Medicine”
  • Joel Klein (Indiana University), Edelstein Fellow: “Chymistry, Corpuscular Medicine, and Controversy: The Ideas and Influence of Daniel Sennert (1572–1637)”
  • David Singerman (MIT), Haas Fellow: “An Empire of Purity: Making the Modern Sugar Market, 1875–1925”

Short-Term Fellows

  • Andrew Butrica (Independent Scholar), Doan Fellow (2 months): “Jean-Baptiste Dumas: Promoter of Chemical Industry”
  • Ari Gross (University of Toronto, Canada), Allington Fellow (3 months): “Structure and Spatiality: Chemical Diagrams and Models and the Birth of Stereochemistry”
  • Lijing Jiang (Arizona State University), Allington Fellow (2 months): “Degeneration in Miniature: History of Cell Death and Aging Research in the Twentieth Century”
  • Victoria Lee (Princeton University), Ullyot Scholar (3 months): “Synthetic Fermentation and Applied Biology in Japan, 1910–1960”
  • Max Liboiron (New York University), Allington Fellow (2 months): “Transforming Pollution: Ocean Plastics and Body Burdens”
  • Catherine Price (Freelance Journalist), Société de Chimie Industrielle Fellow (3 months): “Fortified: The Secret Science of Food”
  • Ann Robinson (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Herdegen Fellow (1 month): “Creating a Symbol of Science: The Standard Periodic Table of the Elements”
  • Ellan Spero (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Allington Fellow (3 months): “Production and Place, Textile Science and Education in a Technological Landscape”

Center for Contemporary History and Policy Visiting Fellow

  • Maureen Caulfield (University of Pennsylvania): Orphan Drug and Disease Oral History Project

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