Former Fellows

The Chemical Heritage Foundation has hosted scholars from all parts of the world through its fellowship and travel grant programs. If you are interested in applying for a fellowship, take a look the cast of scholars below who have held fellowships in the past and their research topics. Indicated beside each fellowship is the scholar’s institutional affiliation at the time they received the fellowship.


Janet Abbate

2003–04 Eugene Garfield FellowSmithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History
“The development of information science specialties such as natural language processing, information retrieval, and human computer interaction within academic computer science from the 1960s through the 1990s”

Pnina Abir-Am

1996–97 Othmer FellowDibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology
“History of protein structures in the US and UK”

Basil Achilledalis

1998–99 Othmer Visiting ScholarIndependent Scholar
“Pharmaceutical Innovation: Revolutionizing Human Health”

Stephen B. Adams

1998–99 Gordon Cain FellowLucent Technologies 
“The progression of the chemical industry during the twentieth century”

James Altena

1993–94 Edelstein International StudentUniversity of Chicago
“Science, Philosophy, and Social Reform in Imperial Germany”


José Ramón Bertomeu-Sánchez

2010–11 Herbert D. Doan FellowUniversity of Valencia, Spain
“Between Science and Crime: Mateu Orfila and nineteenth-century toxicology”

Nicholas Best

2009–10 CHF FellowIndiana University
“Lavoisier as Historian of Chemistry and Philosopher of Science”

Charlotte Bigg

2009–10 Herbert D. Doan FellowCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Centre Alexandre Koyré, France
“Behind the Lines: Spectroscopic Enterprises in Early Twentieth-Century Europe”

David V. Black

2008–09 Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) Fellow Mountainland Applied Technology College
“The Elements Unearthed: Our Discovery and Usage of the Chemical Elements”

Regina Blaszczyk

2002–03 Sidney M. Edelstein Fellow Boston University
"The Color Revolution—examines the history of industry’s embrace of color as a marketing device in the twentieth century, and the tensions surrounding its development and management by chemists, stylists, engineers, and scientists"

Dóra Bobory

2008–09 Roy G. Neville Fellow Central European University, Hungary 
“An Experimental Noble Household: Decoding Count Batthyányi’s Letters on Medical-Alchemical Experiments”

William Brock

1990–91 Sidney M. Edelstein Fellow University of Leicester, United Kingdom 
“‘At the Sign of the Hexagon,’ an illustrated history of chemistry and chemical technology since 1800; Liebig and the British”

Nathan Brooks

2003–04 Sidney M. Edelstein Fellow New Mexico State University
“A biography of Dmitrii Mendeleev, the Russian chemist who developed the Periodic Table”

Jeannette E. Brown

2008–09 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarIndependent Scholar
“Telling Our Story: History of African American Women Chemists Project”
2004–05 Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) FellowIndependent Scholar
“The History of African American Women Chemists Project: expanding the knowledge of the subject and converting the information via a multi-media approach to materials for students aged 9–14”

Gregory J. Brust

2000–01 Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) FellowUniversity of Southern Mississippi
“Historical research on the synthetic rubber industry in order to create a multimedia, educational website about the history and development of the industry”

Christiane Buès-Chabas

2000–01 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarAcadémie d'Aix-Marseille, France
“Investigating the history of the concept of the mole in physics and chemistry, and its reception in research circles and laboratories”

Colin "Brad" Burke

2000–01 Eugene Garfield FellowUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County
“On the history of computer-based scientific information systems and related government policies from the early 1950s to the 1990s”


Jo Ann Caplin

2009–10 Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) FellowScience Television Workshop & Temple University
“Science+Art: Chemistry and visualizations; Chemistry and authentication of art” 
2006–07 Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) FellowScience Television Workshop & University of Pennsylvania
“The Chemistry of Paint as Used in Art”

David Caudill

2007–08 Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) FellowVillanova University
“Popular Images of Chemical Expertise, Past and Present: At the Intersection of Law and Chemistry”

John Ceccatti

2009–10 John C. Haas FellowUniversity of Pennsylvania
“The Development of Pure Yeast Culture in the Brewing Industry and Its Influence on Practices and Instruments of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology” 
1999–2000 Edelstein International StudentUniversity of Chicago
“Connections between the brewing industry of nineteenth-century Germany and the dye industry of the same time period”

Augustin Cerveaux

2007–08 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot Scholar Université Louis Pasteur, France
“From Bulk Chemistry to Nanoparticles: Another Root for Nanotechnology?”

Matthew Crawford

2010–11 Theodore and Mary Herdegen FellowKent State University
“Chemistry in the Eighteenth-Century Spanish Atlantic: An Underappreciated Imperial Science?”


Arthur Daemmrich

2001–02 Gordon Cain FellowCornell University
“Corporate Governance: Changing Relations among Science-Based Industry, States and the Public”
2000–01 Charles C. Price Fellow Cornell University
“Pharmaceutical Regulation: The Science and Politics of Health in the United States and Germany”

Dane Thor Daniel

2005–06 Roy G. Neville Fellow Dibner Institute for the History of Science and Technology
“The theory-praxis relationship in Paracelsus’ medical treatments”

Ute Deichmann

1996–97 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowUniversität zu Köln, Germany
“The fate of Jewish chemists in Nazi Germany and the effect of their expulsion on chemistry and biochemistry”

John Dettloff

1997–98 Edelstein International Student Princeton University
“Chemistry and Culture in France, 1770–1800”

Lloyd DeWitt

2001–02 Charles C. Price FellowPhiladelphia Museum of Art
“The shift in how chemistry was viewed by outsiders during and after the 17th century”

Mark Dorfman

2002–03 Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) FellowUniversity of North Carolina
“Conducting follow-up research and outreach to enhance public education of the concept of biomimicry and its crucial relationship to the evolution and advancement of a sustainable chemical industry”


Michael Egan

2004–05 John C. Haas Fellow Washington State University 
“The history of mercury use in America”

Matthew Eisler

2004–05 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarUniversity of Alberta, Canada
“The different ways researchers have attempted to develop a better hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) in the latter half of the twentieth century”

Heather Ewing

2008–09 CHF FellowSmithsonian Institution Archives
“The Circle of James Smithson: Mapping an International 18th-century Community”


Thomas Faith

2006–07 Charles C. Price FellowThe George Washington University
“Peacetime Applications of the US Chemical Warfare Service Research”

Gabriele Ferrario

2007–08 Roy G. Neville FellowUniversità de Venezia Ca’ Foscari, Italy
“The Arabic and Hebrew manuscripts of the Liber de aluminibus et salibus

Gerard J. Fitzgerald

2005–06 Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) FellowDibner Institute of the History of Science and Technology
“The role played by scientists and physicians who experimented with the application of germicidal chemicals in the hopes of producing infection free hospital and living spaces”
2001–02 Edelstein International StudentCarnegie Mellon University
“On biological weapons technology growing out of evolving public health technologies and scientific practices of the inter-war period”
1999–2000 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarCarnegie Mellon University
“Relationship between scale-up technologies developed for penicillin manufacture and aerosol technology as it pertained to biological weaponry, 1920–1960”

James Rodger Fleming

2010–11 Cain Conference FellowColby College
“Chemical Weather and Chemical Climate: Body, Place, Planet in Historical Perspective”

Anna Foy

2008–09 CHF FellowUniversity of Pennsylvania
“The Georgic and the Common Weal: Promises of West Indian Improvement from Samuel Martin’s An Essay upon Plantership (1750) to James Grainger’s The Sugar-Cane (1764)”

Yasu Furukawa

1992–93 Visiting ScholarTokyo Denki University, Japan
“History of polymer chemistry”


Margaret Garber

2002–03 John C. Haas FellowUniversity of California, San Diego
“Labors of Light: Optics and Chymical Philosophy in post-Rudolfine Prague (1611–1670)”

Kostas Gavroglu

1992–93 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowNational Technical University of Athens, Greece
“Styles of resoning in their relation to the beginnings of quantum chemistry”

Stephen Z. Goldberg

1999–2000 Dreyfus Foundation FellowAdelphi College
“Developing a curriculum and coursework on chemistry in art and archaeology”

William Mark Goodwin

2010–11 Robert W. Allington FellowRowan University
“Resolving a Controversy: The Non-Classical Ion Debate”

Hugh Gorman

2003–04 John C. Haas FellowMichigan Technological University
“The evolution of the system to measure, monitor, and manage emissions of nitrogen oxides”

Benjamin Gross

2009–10 Charles C. Price FellowPrinceton University
“Crystallizing Innovation: LCD Research at RCA, 1956-1974”

Catherine “Cai” Guise-Richardson

2010–11 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarMississippi State University
“Mind and Matter: the Development and Marketing of Thorazine and Stelazine at Smith, Kline & French”
2008–09 Charles C. Price FellowIowa State University
“Mother’s Little Helper, or, the Tax-Deductible Martini: A History of Valium Development, Use, and Control in the United States”


Richard Hamerla

2006–07 CHF Visiting ScholarUniversity of Oklahoma
“History of Bioweapons Development and Deployment”
1998–99 Edelstein International StudentCase Western Reserve University
“Science on the American ‘Frontier,’ The Chemistry of Edward Williams Morley, 1869–1906”

Christopher Hamlin

2005–06 Gordon Cain FellowUniversity of Notre Dame
“A comparative study of communities of 19th century urban chemists, exploring patterns of professionalization, and the balancing of entrepreneurship, research, and public service”

Harry Hecht

2001–02 Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) FellowSouth Dakota State University
“A series of essays on a variety of chemical topics that are of general interest”

Eric S. Hintz

2005–06 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarUniversity of Pennsylvania
“The dual ‘careers’ of electro-chemical inventor Samuel Ruben and his most famous invention, the mercuric oxide dry cell ‘button’ battery”

Hiro Hirai

2008–09 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowGhent University, Belgium
“Matter and Life in the Natural Philosophy of Daniel Sennert”

Nancy Hopkins

1998–99 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarRutgers University–Camden
“The contributions of African-Americans to industrial chemical research, focusing on the period between 1940 and 1980”

Roger Horowitz

2009–10 Gordon Cain FellowHagley Museum and Library
“American Kosher: How Orthodox Jews, Food Companies, and Chemistry Created Modern Kosher Food”

Sally Smith Hughes

1997–98 Othmer FellowUniversity of California, Berkeley
“The history of biotechnology and the Cohen-Boyer patents”



Jeremiah James

2000–01 Edelstein International StudentHarvard University
“Linus Pauling and the intellectual genesis of The Nature of the Chemical Bond


Allison Kavey

2005–06 Roy G. Neville FellowGonzaga University
“The changing constructions of desire in popular natural philosophical texts printed in England between 1580 and 1680”

Gwen Kay

1999–2000 Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) FellowState University of New York at Oswego
“The career paths of women cosmetic chemists”

Carla Keirns

1998–99 HSS 25th Anniversary FellowUniversity of Pennsylvania
“The history of asthma, including its causes and its cures”

Melanie Kiechle

2010–11 John C. Haas FellowRutgers University
“‘The Air We Breathe’: Nineteenth-Century Americans and the Search for Fresh Air”

Yoshiyuki Kikuchi

2008–09 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowGraduate University for Advanced Studies, Sokendai, Japan
“US-Japan Scholarly Relations in Chemistry in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries”

Mi Gyung “Mimi” Kim

1994–95 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowSeoul National University, South Korea
“The concept of chemical affinity and Wilhelm Ostwald's energetics”

Vangelis Koutalis

2010–11 Robert W. Allington FellowUniversity of Ioannina, Greece
“The Historical Significance of Chemistry as a Philosophical Inquiry”

Prakash Kumar

2002–03 Edelstein International StudentGeorgia Institute of Technology
“The Transition from Natural to Artificial Dyestuffs: Science, Business, and Politics of Natural Indigo Manufacturing in Colonial India, 1890-1930”
2001–02 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarGeorgia Institute of Technology
“Exploring the competitive relationship between natural and synthetic indigo at the turn of the 20th century in order to better understand the workings of technological ‘progress.’”


Tayra Lanuza-Navarro

2010–11 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowUniversity of Valencia, Spain
“Alchemy, astrology and books of secrets: ideas and practices before the Spanish Inquisition”

Bruce Lewenstein

2001–02 Eugene Garfield FellowCornell University
“Exploring the role of science books (as opposed to ‘primary’ research material such as journals and abstracts) in the development of science in the post-WWII era, focusing on chemistry”

Slawomir Lotysz

2007–08 Charles C. Price FellowUniversity of Zielona Góra, Poland
“Kevlar, Before and Beyond: The Amazing Transnational Quest for the Bulletproof Vest”


Pamela Mack

2003–04 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarClemson University
“A biographical study of Dr. Ruth Patrick, a pioneer environmental scientist, who specializes in limnology and has done her work primarily with the chemical industry” (with John W. Mauer)

Roy MacLeod

2007–08 Gordon Cain FellowUniversity of Sydney, Australia 
“Chemical explosives industry during and after the Great War and institutional questions arising in the development of ‘dual use’ technologies”
1995–96 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowUniversity of Sydney, Australia
“History of chemical engineering in Allied and German ammunitions factories during World War I”

Jan Marontate

2004–05 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowAcadia University, Canada
“Artists, Artists’ ‘Colormen’ and the Chemical Industry: Networks of Technical Collaboration and Innovations in 20th-century Artists’ Paints”

Matteo Martelli

2009–10 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowUniversities of Bologna and Pisa, Italy
“Greek alchemical works of Pseudo-Democritus: The Book On the Making of Precious Stones

John W. Mauer

2003–04 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarTri-County Technical College
“A biographical study of Dr. Ruth Patrick, a pioneer environmental scientist, who specializes in limnology and has done her work primarily with the chemical industry” (with Pamela Mack)

Seymour H. Mauskopf

1999–2000 Charles C. Price FellowDuke University
“The experimental study of munitions: scientific and military traditions”
1988–89 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowDuke University
“The history of explosives and gunpowder”

Joris Mercelis

2009–10 Herbert D. Doan FellowGhent University, Belgium
“Leo H. Baekeland (1863–1944): A biography of an entrepreneur”

Donna A. Messner

2010–11 Gordon Cain FellowUniversity of Pennsylvania
“The Origins of Medical Foods and their Regulation”

Cyrus Mody

2004–05 Gordon Cain FellowCornell University
“The history of the scanning tunneling microscope and the atomic force microscope, and the ways these instruments were used to weave together disparate disciplines”

Jordi Mora Casanova

2010–11 CHF FellowUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
“Alchemical reminiscences of modern chemists in the 19th century”

Peter Morris

1991–92 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowOpen University, United Kingdom
“A comparative study of polymer innovations in several major corporations and the technological history of IG Farbenindustrie”


Christine Nawa

2010–11 Charles C. Price FellowUniversität Regensburg, Germany
“Robert Wilhelm Bunsen’s research style and his teaching”

Pap Ndiaye

1994–95 Edelstein International StudentEcole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France
“American Engineers and the Mutations of the American Political Economy, 1920–1960”

Keith A. Nier

2003–04 CHF Visiting ScholarCooper Union
“The history of mass spectrometry”
2002–03 Charles C. Price FellowCooper Union
“Diverging Ions and Converging Fields”

Tara Nummedal

2001–02 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowStanford University
“The lives and labor of men and women who actually practiced alchemy in early modern central Europe”


Declan O’Reilly

2003–04 Charles C. Price FellowUniversity College London, United Kingdom
“The relationship between Standard Oil of New Jersey & IG Farben of Germany from 1925–1945”

Gwen Ottinger

2005–06 John C. Haas FellowUniversity of California, Berkeley
“The linkages made by petrochemical companies between local community relations and public relations”


Cesare Pastorino

2010–11 Gordon Cain FellowIndiana University
“‘Minerall Tryalls’: Metal Assaying and Experiment in Early Modern England”
2006–07 Roy G. Neville FellowIndiana University
“The Mythological Symbolism of Proteus in the Renaissance and Baroque Alchemical Texts”

Gary Patterson

2004–05 Charles C. Price FellowCarnegie Mellon University
“Paradigms in Polymer Science”

Emily Pawley

2007–08 John C. Haas Fellow & Roy G. Neville FellowUniversity of Pennsylvania 
“’The Balance Sheet of Nature:’ Valuing the New York Farm, 1825–1860”

Alexander Pechenkin

2010–11 Robert W. Allington FellowLomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
“The social history of Quantum chemistry in the USSR (1950–1991)”

Gabriella Petrick

2004–05 Edelstein International StudentUniversity of Delaware
“The role of technology, and to a lesser degree science, in the industrial development of food in twentieth century America”

Lawrence Principe

2001–02 Othmer FellowThe Johns Hopkins University
“Alchemical interpretations of the works in the Fisher and Eddleman Collections at CHF”



Evan Ragland

2010–11 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowIndiana University
“Experimenting with Chemical Bodies: Knowledge and Practice in the Interrelation of Anatomy, Chemistry, and Physiology, 1655–1855”
2009–10 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowIndiana University
“Chymistry and Medicine in the Low Countries in the Seventeenth Century: Laboratories and Experiments, Acids and Alkalis”

Jennifer Rampling

2008–09 Robert W. Allington FellowUniversity of Cambridge, United Kingdom
“The Alchemical Reception of George Ripley (c. 1415–1490)”

Erik Rau

2002–03 Eugene Garfield FellowDrexel University
“Case studies of operational research since 1953”

W. Boyd Rayward

1999–2000 Eugene Garfield FellowUniversity of New South Wales, Australia
“Oral histories of prominent information scientists”

Carsten Reinhardt

1998–99 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowUniversität Regensburg, Germany
“History of instrumentation in post–1945 chemistry”

Linda Richards

2010–11 Herbert D. Doan FellowOregon State University
“Disrupting Hozho: A Comparative History of Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety in University Research and Uranium Mining”

Donna Rilling

2003–04 Gordon Cain FellowState University of New York at Stony Brook
“Early industrial pollution in the Greater Delaware Valley, a region home to manufacturing processes that left indelible marks on the landscape”

Jody Roberts

2006–07 Gordon Cain FellowVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 
“Re-Designing the Chemical Sciences: Promises, Problems, and Potential for Scientific Movements”
2005–06 Charles C. Price FellowVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
“The controversy over the regulation of the chemical pesticide Atrazine”

Lisa Rosner

2009–10 Theodore and Mary Herdegen Fellow & Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarThe Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
“Chemical Dissertations in the Digital World: 18th Century Chemical Knowledge and the History Browser”
2005–06 Roy G. Neville FellowThe Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
“The audience for popular chemistry works and lectures from the 1790s through the 1860s”
2003–04 Société de Chimie Industrielle (American Section) FellowThe Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
“Developing lesson plans on chemical science and the chemical industries, based on Jane Marcet’s Conversations on Chemistry (1824)”


Annalisa Salonius

2009–10 Gordon Cain FellowCornell University
“Transformation in the relationship between the organization of research and post-graduate training in the biomedical sciences since 1960: A comparative ethnographic and historical case study (Canada-U.S.)”

Kathleen Sands

2004–05 Roy G. Neville FellowIndependent Scholar
“The intersections of science and religion”

David Schleifer

2008–09 John C. Haas FellowNew York University
“Getting Better for You: Trans Fats, Risk, and Innovation”

Rebecca P. Schwartz

2003–04 Edelstein International StudentPrinceton University
“Telling the Story of the Manhattan Project”

Bruce Seely

2008–09 Cain Conference FellowMichigan Technological University
“Technology Transfer & Diffusion in Comparative Perspective”

Jeffrey Seeman

2000–01 CHF Visiting ScholarIndependent Scholar
“Biography project about chemist and instrument maker Arnold O. Beckman”

Matthew Shindell

2009–10 John C. Haas FellowUniversity of California, San Diego
“The New Prophet: Harold C. Urey, Scientist, Atheist, and Defender of Religion”

David B. Sicilia

1999–2000 Gordon Cain FellowUniversity of Maryland
“The political history of the U.S. chemical industry since World War II”

Christian Simon

2000–01 Gordon Cain FellowUniversity of Basel, Switzerland
“History of industrial insecticide research and development ca. 1900–1960”

Jonathan Simon

1996–97 Edelstein International StudentUniversity of Pittsburgh
“The Alchemy of Identity: Chemistry and Pharmacy, 1787–1803”

Leo B. Slater

2001–02 John C. Haas FellowIndependent Scholar 
“Quinine and the chemical control of malaria, drawing historical connections between plants, animals, and people”
1996–97 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarPrinceton University
“Locating the accomplishments of chemical science and industry within American history”
1995–96 Edelstein International StudentPrinceton University 
“Quinine, its use and synthesis”

Alexis Smets

2009–10 CHF FellowRadboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands
“Chemistry, Iconography: Theory of matter, images and the concept of chemical images (1560s–1720s)”

John K. Smith, Jr.

1999–2000 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowLehigh University
“The evolution of chemical technology in the twentieth century”

Pamela H. Smith

1997–98 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowPomona College
“Art, Commerce and Science: The Representation of Material Things in Early Modern Europe”

Geert Somsen

1997–98 Othmer FellowUniversiteit Maastricht, Netherlands
“The relationship between colloid chemistry and macromolecular chemistry in both Germany and America”

Kathryn Steen

2000–01 Sidney M. Edelstein FellowDrexel University 
“Wartime Catalyst and Postwar Reaction: The making of the U.S. Synthetic Organic Chemicals Industry, 1910–1930”
1992–93 Edelstein International StudentUniversity of Delaware
“Development of the synthetic organic chemicals industry in the US, 1910–1933”

John Stewart

2010–11 Robert W. Allington FellowUniversity of Oklahoma
“Beyond Chemistry: Affinity as a unifying principle in science at the turn of the nineteenth century”


Pierre Teissier

2008–09 Gordon Cain FellowUniversity of Oxford, United Kingdom
“Between Chemistry and History: Solid-State Materials in the United States, 1945–2000”

Ronald Tempest

1997–98 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarGermantown Academy
“Fuel Cells—Past, Present, Future”

Dominique Tobbell

2007–08 John C. Haas FellowUniversity of Pennsylvania
“Pharmaceutical Networks: The Political Economy of Drug Development in the United States, 1945–1980”

Barbara Traister

2009–10 Robert W. Allington FellowLehigh University
“Editing Ashmole MS 1494/1491: An alphabetical alchemical manuscript (c. 1607–11) by Simon Forman”

Julianne Tuttle

2002–03 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarIndependent Scholar
“The letters of Humphry Davy: Annotation of the Fullmer Transcription

Aristotle Tympas

2008–09 Herbert D. Doan FellowUniversity of Athens, Greece
“On Nomography’s ‘Magic and Fun:’ A Perspective from the History of Chemical Engineering Calculations”



Brigitte Van Tiggelen

2010–11 Société de Chimie Industrielle FellowUniversité Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
“The Chemists’ Blues: The History of Prussian Blue and Modern Chemistry”
2008–09 Robert W. Allington FellowUniversité Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
“Mme. Thiroux d’Arconville and the Essai pour server à l’histoire de la putrefaction: Anonymity, Autonomy, and Authorship in Women’s Contributions to Chemistry in the 18th Century”
2006–07 Roy G. Neville FellowUniversité Catholique de Louvain, Belgium
“A Mixt: Mechanical and Chymical Explanations at the Service of Physicians; The case of J. Mongin”

Wendy Verhoff

2006–07 John C. Haas FellowWashington University, St. Louis
“The Intractable Atom: The Challenge of Radiation and Radioactive Waste in American Life, 1945 to Present”

Sarah Vogel

2008–09 John C. Haas FellowColumbia University
“The Politics of Plastics: The Economic, Political, and Scientific History of Bisphenol A”


Mark Waddell

2004–05 Roy G. Neville FellowThe Johns Hopkins University
“Seventeenth-century works on both natural and artificial magic”

Michael Weisberg

2006–07 CHF Visiting ScholarUniversity of Pennsylvania
“The nature of the chemical bond”

Johnnie-Marie Whitfield

1999–2000 Dreyfus Foundation FellowMillsaps College

Robert V. Williams

1997–98 Eugene Garfield FellowUniversity of South Carolina
“Conducting oral histories with several pioneers in the development of scientific information with emphasis on the chemical sciences”

Bess Williamson

2010–11 Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion FellowUniversity of Delaware
“The Right to Design: Disability and Access in the United States, 1945–1990”

Audra Wolfe

2000–01 Othmer StudentUniversity of Pennsylvania
“Germs in Space: Joshua Lederberg, Exobiology, and the Public Imagination, 1958–1964”


Doogab Yi

2007–08 Robert W. Gore FellowPrinceton University
“The Making of the Recombinant University: The Emergence of Biotechnology at Stanford University, 1959–1980”

Jeris Yruma

2006–07 Glenn E. and Barbara Hodsdon Ullyot ScholarPrinceton University
“How Experiments are Remembered: The Discovery Narratives of Nuclear Fission”

Nasser Zakariya

2010–11 John C. Haas FellowHarvard University
“The Matter of Life: The Role of Chemistry in the Scientific Epic”

Maria del Pilar Zazueta Aviles

2007–08 Quinn FellowColumbia University
“Vital Liquids: milk, soft-drinks and the politics of dietary changes in Mexico (1940–1986)”


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