Health and Medicine

Health and Medicine

Issues in health and medicine are currently undergoing profound change. Our projects will engage these issues, specifically to examine and explore the rapid development of biotechnologies and biomedicines and their integration with diverse communities, including those that are scientific, clinical, local, and corporate.

Through historical, political, and sociocultural analyses we aim to understand the new forms of social life that biotechnologies help engender. We also make clear to wider audiences the visions and practices of medicine, health, and life itself that the sciences and their technologies are creating, and engage them on social, ethical, and public policy issues related to health and medicine.


  1. Produce new and synthesize current research on the development, functioning, and integration of modern biotechnology and biomedical sciences in societies.
  2. Identify, collect, and preserve key resources central to the development of the field.
  3. Organize and host public conferences, symposia, and workshops to generate critical dialogue pertaining to relevant ethical, social, cultural, and legal concerns.
  4. Disseminate results of research and analyses to broader audiences through the Web and in print.
  5. Develop a network of multidisciplinary and international researchers.

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