Atmospheric Science

Image courtesy of Peter DeCarlo.

The Atmospheric Science Oral History Project, part of CHF’s Sensing Change exhibit, comprises oral histories conducted with scientists who devote their research lives to better understanding the complexities of particulate matter in the air, air quality, and emissions as each pertains to climate change.  The scientists interviewed literally live and breathe their research.  During the oral histories scientists  explored relevant themes about atmospheric science laboratory work, collaborations, and field studies as well as the complexities of visualizing unseen data for both scientists and the public.   Additionally, during a video recorded portion of the oral history interview, the scientists were asked specific questions about public understanding of climate change and the  scientists’ own thoughts on art as a vehicle for public understanding of science.

Individuals interviewed for this collection so far are:

Ron C. Cohen

Kenneth J. Davis

Peter DeCarlo

Jose-Luis Jimenez

Murray V. Johnston

Alastair CLewis

Mario Molina

Debbie A. Niemeier

AR Ravishankara

Pieter Tans