Chemical Industry

Batch reactor symbol (STR) courtesy of Yassine Mrabet

Established in 1881, the objective of the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) is to further the application and use of chemistry and its related sciences by providing neutral ground for academics, researchers, and industrialists to discuss new technologies and techniques meant to benefit the public.  In 1994 the American Section of SCI sponsored this oral-history program to celebrate its centennial anniversary in order to record, preserve, and, ultimately, better understand the complex realities of innovation, discovery, development, marketing, and management in the chemical and allied industries by focusing on individual men and women who have contributed to industry's growth throughout the twentieth- and twenty-first century.  

While a number of interviewees in this collection have been awarded SCI's prestigious Perkin Medal, CHF has expanded upon the original intent of SCI's sponsorship in order to develop an even broader understanding of the history of the chemical and allied industries in the United States and abroad. 

Individuals interviewed for this collection so far are (oral histories sponsored by SCI or members of SCI are indicated with an asterisk):


Robert W. Allington
Paul S. Anderson*
Robert T. Armstrong


Alfred R. Bader
Dale B. Baker
Dexter F. Baker*
William O. Baker
John D. Baldeschwieler
Craig R. Barrett
Sherry Bartolucci
Orlando A. Battista
Arnold O. Beckman (1st interview)
Arnold O. Beckman (2nd interview)
Manson Benedict
John H. Beynon
Frank J. Biondi
Julius Blank
Elkan R. Blout
Roger S. Borovoy
Ray H. Boundy
Raymond F. Boyer
Herbert C. Brown*
David R. Bryant*


Vincent A. Calarco*
Stuart W. Churchill
Worley H. Clark, Jr.*
Vincent J. Coates
Paul M. Cook
Donald J. Cram


Hugh A. D'Andrade
William H. Davidow
Melvin S. Day
Carl Djerassi
Edward Donley*


Philip E. Eaton
Sidney Edelstein
Herbert S. Eleuterio
Thomas E. Everhart


James R. Fair
Frank H. Field
Robert E. Finnigan
James A. Fisher
Eugene J. Flath
Karl A. Folkers
Daniel W. Fox
Marion D. Francis*
Arnold Frankel
John E. Franz*
Dov Frohman
Calvin S. Fuller


Millard G. Gamble
William C. Goggin
James M. Goldey
Mary L. Good
George W. Govier
Donald A. Green
Paul S. Greer
Vincent L. Gregory, Jr.*
Andrew S. Grove


Kathryn C. Hach-Darrow
Norman Hackerman (1st interview)
Norman Hackerman (2nd interview)
Norman Hackerman (3rd interview)
Norman Hackerman (4th interview)
Vladimir Haensel*
William E. Hanford*
N. Bruce Hannay (1st interview)*
N. Bruce Hannay (2nd interview)
Allan S. Hay
Oliver M. Hayden
Robert M. Hayes
Richard E. Heckert*
Madeline M. Henderson
Michael W. Hill
J. Roger Hirl*
Caroll A. Hochwalt
John Paul Hogan*
David P. Holveck
Masao Horiba
Willis Humphreys
J. Franklin Hyde


James D. Idol*


E. William Jensen
John W. Johnstone*
Jean C. Jones
William H. Joyce*


Frederick J. Karol*
Raphael Katzen
Wilbur I. Kaye
Michael A. Kelly
Robert D. Kennedy*
Gordon M. Kline
William S. Knowles
Stephanie L. Kwolek (1st interview)
Stephanie L. Kwolek (2nd interview)*


Joseph Labovsky
Ralph Landau
Jay T. Last
Norman N. Li*
Jeffrey M. Lipton*
Max D. Liston
Robert E. Lorenzini
Marinus Los*
Henry Earl Lumpkin


Kenneth E. Manchester
Robert J. Manning
Russell E. Marker
John C. Martin
Thomas W. Mastin*
Frank R. Mayo
Jerry McAfee
H. Eugene McBrayer*
Keith R. McKennon*
Fred W. McLafferty
William G. McMillan
Robert L. McNeil, Jr.
Carver A. Mead
Arthur I. Mendolia
Delbert H. Meyer*
Gordon E. Moore and Jay T. Last
Paul W. Morgan


Roy G. Neville
James Burton Nichols
Frank R. Nissel


Miguel A. Ondetti*
Paul F. Oreffice*
Donald F. Othmer


Rudolph Pariser
Roy J. Plunkett
Malcolm E. Pruitt (1st interview)
Malcolm E. Pruitt (2nd interview)




Charles E. Reed
Elsa Reichmanis*
Malcolm M. Renfrew
Ivan Maxwell Robinson
Robert Robson
Eugene G. Rochow*
Arthur Rock
Robert A. Roland*
George Rosenkranz
James F. Roth*
Irvin I. Rubin


Whitson Sadler*
Lewis H. Sarett
Warren G. Schlinger
Herman E. Schroeder
Irving S. Shapiro*
James N. Shoolery
Howard E. Simmons, Jr.
John H. Sinfelt*
Emil L. Smith
Harold A. Sorgenti
Edgar W. Spanagel
Jack B. St. Clair*
William S. Stavropoulos*
Leo H. Sternbach


Harold E. Thayer*
Max Tishler
Haldor F.A. Topsøe
Howard S. Turner




Edwin J. Vandenberg
Ernest H. Volwiler


Cheves T. Walling
Earl L. Warrick
James L. Waters
Paul B. Weisz*
Paul A. Wilks
R. Stanley Williams
J. Lawrence Wilson*
William Wishnick
Edgar S. Woolard, Jr.*



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