Scientific and Technical Information Systems

The Great Library of Alexandria by O. Von Corven

While the field of information science is almost as old as knowledge itself, the integration of information systems with computer technology affected significantly the ways in which people accessed, used, stored, disseminated, and classified information.

In order to document the history of information sciences as it relates to the preservation, organization, and utilization of scientific knowledge, the Eugene Garfield Foundation sponsored the collection of twenty-one oral histories with individuals who made tremendous contributions to scientific and technical information systems.

Individuals interviewed for this collection are:

Jean Aitchison

Douglas J. Foskett

Maurice B. Line

Thomas M. Aitchison

Eugene Garfield

A. J. Meadows

Dale B. Baker

Robert M. Hayes

Helga Schmid

Carlos A. Cuadra

Madeline M. Henderson

Claire K. Schultz

Melvin S. Day

Saul Herner

Jacques Tocatlian

Jacques-Emile Dubois

Michael W. Hill

Claudio Todeschini

Nathalie Dusoulier

Stella Keenan

John Woolston


Click here for a more detailed description of each of the oral histories in this collection.

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