Personalized Genomic Medicine (PGM)

The PGM Initiative’s broad goal is to provide its diverse stakeholders with a deeper understanding of the (potential) implications of PGM for a variety of communities and individuals through three approaches: research, oral histories, and conferences. A core area of the project is to engage complex and changing dynamics and evolving relations between science, medicine, government, industry, and larger publics in the United States. The long-term goal will be to include comparative research with other countries as well as to provide global perspectives.

Staff: Pei Koay

Sensing Change

See your environment with fresh eyes through this online exhibit.

Hear It Firsthand

CHF’s Center for Oral History captures and preserves the stories of notable figures in chemistry and related fields. Many of the oral histories in the collection belong to recipients of CHF awards, including


Historically Grounded Perspectives

The Center for Contemporary History and Policy explores issues ranging from energy to medicine on CHF's blog, Periodic Tabloid.