R&D Meets M&A

This project looked at the role of R&D competency and compatible innovation cultures in successful mergers. The mission was to bring together diverse stakeholders to illuminate the relationship of mergers and acquisitions to research and development and to address the role of innovation in the chemical industry’s future. Industry directors, technology officers, CEOs, business analysts, economists, and historians convened for a symposium, “Innovation and Creativity in Chemical R&D,” held at CHF in April 2003. Two questions were put to the participants: Is today’s chemical industry mature, with little payoff to be expected in R&D? Has a decade of merger-and-acquisition activity undermined innovation and chemistry in the industrial research setting?


Staff: Arthur Daemmrich

Sensing Change

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Hear It Firsthand

CHF’s Center for Oral History captures and preserves the stories of notable figures in chemistry and related fields. Many of the oral histories in the collection belong to recipients of CHF awards, including