Chemical Heritage Contributions


Benjamin Gross.  “Icons of Science: The General,” Chemical Heritage, Fall 2010.




David C. Brock. “The Integrated Circuit at Fifty,” Chemical Heritage, Summer 2009.




Gwen Ottinger. “Community Adjourned: Assessing Community Advisory Panels” Chemical Heritage, Summer 2009.




Dominique Tobbell. “Understanding Pharmaceutical Relations and the Limits of Regulatory Reform,” Chemical Heritage, Spring 2009.




Jody A. Roberts.  “Ask the Expert: Decoding Warning Labels,” Chemical Heritage, Spring 2009.




Jennifer Dionisio. “Sealed with a WrapChemical Heritage, Winter 2008/2009.




Sensing Change

See your environment with fresh eyes through this online exhibit.

Hear It Firsthand

CHF’s Center for Oral History captures and preserves the stories of notable figures in chemistry and related fields. Many of the oral histories in the collection belong to recipients of CHF awards, including