CHF is grateful to the speakers and attendees of the eighth annual CHF-SCI Innovation Day for their participation in an exploration of salient topics on the chemical research frontier. The following reports on Innovation Day breakout sessions were provided by Elizabeth McDonnell, Bob Kenworthy, Sarah Hunter-Lascoskie, Sarah Reisert, and Ron Reynolds. Recruitment of speakers and organization of the breakout sessions were guided by the 2011 Innovation Day Steering Committee: James S. Alder (Celanese Chemical), Carl Bilgrien (Arizona Chemical), Ryan Dirkx (Arkema, Inc.), Michael C. Kerby (ExxonMobil Chemical), Wayne Ranbom (Arkema, Inc.), and Ian Shankland (Honeywell Specialty Materials).

About Innovation Day

 To promote early career innovation, the Chemical Heritage Foundation and the Society of Chemical Industry jointly organize an annual Innovation Day consisting of the Warren G. Schlinger Symposium, Gordon E. Moore Medal presentation, and Perkin Medal award ceremony.  The Schlinger Symposium brings together promising young scientists and technology leaders from across the chemical industries with a focus on frontiers of chemical R&D.  Plenary and breakout sessions are oriented to areas where the chemical industry interfaces with other emerging  business sectors.  In combination with the award ceremonies, the Schlinger Symposium offers attendees the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge science and technology, exchange ideas with peer industrial researchers and entrepreneurs, and prepare to be innovation leaders.  

About the Chemical Heritage Foundation

The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) fosters an understanding of chemistry's impact on society.  An independent nonprofit organization, we strive to 

  • Inspire a passion for chemistry;
  • Highlight chemistry's role in meeting current social challenges, and
  • Preserve the story of chemistry and its technologies and industries across centuries.

CHF maintains major collections of instruments, fine art, photographs, papers, and books.  We host conferences and lectures, support research, offer fellowships, and produce educational materials.  Our museum and public programs explore subjects ranging from alchemy to nanotechnology.  


About CHF's Center for Contemporary History and Policy

The Center for Contemporary History and Policy offers historically grounded perspectives on issues related to the molecular sciences and technologies.  The center's programmatic initiatives draw on diverse  historical and contemporary source materials to provide knowledge, perspective and advice to stakeholders from industry, academia, government, and citizen groups.

About the Editor

Ron Reynolds is current a senior advisor to the president of CHF, where he assists with strategic planning and special projects.  Before joining the organization he spent along career in the refining and chemical industry with a broad range of responsibilities, including research, manufacturing, logistics, and business development.  He holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Lafayette College, an M.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Massachusetts, and an M.S. in environmental engineering from Drexel University.